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Ghost Hunt

Walking through the crumbling mansion Masako could hear the meaningless mumbling of the spirits of the house. It seemed as if the mansion had a life of its own as she walked through the corridors that lead forever. She couldn’t get out, suddenly she felt breathing on her back but that was impossible no one else ever came to the mansion. She started to turn as she was yanked back off her feet and dragged down the long corridor to what ever the mansion of ghosts held….

Mai Taniyama, a 16 year old orphan and first year high school student who also knows a secret. Ghosts exists and she with a group of spiritualists and exorcists, Naru Shibuya (founder of SPR Shibuya Psychic Research Center), Lin Kōujo (A taciturn Assistant) and John Brown (a English Priest specializing in Exorcism) work on researching paranormal activity and purifying ghosts. On the Month of Minatsuki, they received a report of several female missing people whom all went missing in an abandoned mansion. Normally they ignored cases like these but this time they were asked by the father of Masako (a 14 year old girl whom went missing in the mansion) who made a guarantee of spiritual activity in the mansion, having no apparent reason to reject they took the case.

Mai and Naru met up at the mansion on the 2nd week of Kannazuki, the month of the gods, to look into the case of the mansion. John Brown led a psychic search of the house but it came up with nothing. But at nightfall things changed, and the spirits of the house became more aware of the new visitors. The room that Mai and the team were camped in became colder as they slept and through the walls came the spirits, they were in the form of a humans and they came down beside Mai the sleeping Mai and whispered “leave while you can child, we cannot keep the demon at bay for long”.

The next morning Mai woke up with no memory of the night, she was the only one to wake up so she left to take a walk when she saw an impossibly long corridor at the...