Atmospheric Issues

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Atmospheric Issues


Air Pollution


Wendy H Smith

Axia College University of Phoenix


Per the Columbia Encyclopedia, “ air pollution, contamination of the air by noxious gases and minute particles of solid and liquid matter (particulates) in concentrations that endanger health”. Pollutants are atmospheric substances which causes environmental changes when waste occur, from human, plant and animal life, buildings and structures, and it affects the entire ecological system. Pollution affects every area of our lives, air, water, the land that and especially our health, and as much as there are many ways to reduce the amount of pollution we release into the atmosphere as well as its harmful effects to the environment and our health, it has to start with us. We need to do our part no matter how small and work toward a common goal to eradicate as much pollutants from our lives, with or without the help/assistance from the government.

There are several main types of pollutions, and the well-known ones that are frequently discussed are smog, acid rain, carbon, sulfur and nitrogen oxides, and many forms of chemical vapors, which not only affects our health, but can leave "holes" in the ozone layer, thereby causing serious environmental issues. Another type of air pollution that releases particles into the air, from burning fuel for energy is diesel. Diesel smoke releases particles that are very small pieces of matter, and is sometimes referred to as "black carbon" pollution. Other examples of “black carbon”, are exhaust fumes from automobiles, wood and charcoal in fireplaces in homes, and industrial fumes.


The air we breathe had a direct, significant impact on our health, especially for people who suffer from asthma, heart and lung disease, fatigue, depression, mood swings and other forms of bronchitial or respiratory problems. Studies show that Northern American and Europe have taken great strides, and made...