Human Resource Management

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Human resource management plays a major role within any organization. Unemployment is at an all-time low. Staff turnover is increasing. Skilled workers are difficult to find. Employee loyalty to the company appears to be declining, as does company loyalty to employees. And in most industries, continual increases in productivity are necessary simply to stay competitive (Clarke, 2000). So, when it comes to maintaining, uplifting, and sustaining an organizations goal and objectives, consider Human Resource Management as a “gateway to success”.

Although there is a greater pool of available talent among job seekers, there are many factors that affect recruitment of “in demand” employees. One factor is having the right skill set. Recruiting involves indentifying individuals with key skills and traits that match the company’s needs and objectives (anonymous, 2008). Employers say that in order to avoid costly hiring mistakes, it's necessary to take their time reviewing and screening a high volume of résumés, and also to carefully evaluate those invited for interviews (Ferguson, 2009). Layoffs and pay cuts have been widespread thus contributing to a job market that’s now overwhelmed with many individuals with key skill sets due to the steep competition.

As well all know, the more skilled you are, the more money you would like to make. Within an organization, the more skilled you are, the more they would have to pay. Personnel cost within an organization is another factor when it comes to recruitment of “in-demand” employees. In health care, pressure to increase salaries and benefits and to improve working conditions comes at a time when reduced revenues make cost containment critical. It must include an investment in the development of the individual to become the best that she or he can become. It must include a formal program of professional and personal development (Clarke, 2000).

Within the healthcare organization, organizational restructuring could have an...