Internship Report on Ab Bank Ltd.- Kawran Bazar Branch

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1. Background of the Report

Banks are the financial institutions that play a vital role of a country’s economy. World becomes more competitive. In this competitive time, Banks require dynamic executives with modern banking knowledge and experience. To cope with the situation, MBM program includes the course “Practical Orientation in Banks” for 2 (two) months to observe and gather experience about the activities of a Bank. This report is prepared to fulfill the course requirement. So, I was assigned by the BIBM to AB Bank Limited to take real life exposure of the activities of banking financial institutions. I have worked in AB Bank Ltd., Kakrail Branch and finally submit this report on December 24, 2009.

2. Objectives of Practical Orientation

The prime objective of this practical orientation to take a real life exposure of banking activities and at the same time clarifies our knowledge with practical situation. Other objectives are –

• To fulfill the course requirement of MBM Program.

• To relate our banking knowledge with real banking activities.

• To gather knowledge about overall banking business.

• To gather a real life experience.

• To understand some banking activities that may help to understand the future courses of MBM Program.

3. Scope of the Report

The study and observation cover all the divisions and departments of AB Bank Ltd., Kakrail Branch. It covers activities and working procedures general banking division, foreign trade and remittance division and credit management division and also some other related issues.

4. Methodology of the Report

The study is performed based on the information extracted from different sources collected by using a specific methodology. Moreover, it includes discussion with respective officers of different departments, practical works, reading of files and circulars etc. I have used...