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Megan Vieira 10/11/12

Intro to Psychology Writing assignment #2

For this assignment, I found a very interesting article in the Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry titled, "Language skills, peer rejection, and the development of externalizing behavior from kindergarten to fourth grade.” This article can be found in the January 2011 issue, volume 52, issue 1, pages 72-79. The authors of this article are Barbara Menting, Pol. A.C van Lier, and Hans, M. Koot. Barbra Menting has an affiliation with the department of Developmental Psychology at VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

This study was to support the hypothesis that children with poorer language skills are more likely to show externalizing behavior problems, as well as to become rejected by their peers (Menting, van Lier, Koot (2011)). This article conducted research using a qualitative study approach. The qualitative study (understanding behavior in a natural setting by conducting interviews, observation, and participating in focus groups) was explored on children from kindergarten to fourth grade in the Netherlands (Menting, van Lier, Koot (2011)). The method consisted of the recruitment from 30 elementary schools. In order to capture a more generalized outcome, the schools were recruited from two urban areas. (Menting, van Lier, Koot (2011)). The study had a combination of both male and female students totaling 615 participants (Menting, van Lier, Koot (2011)).

To begin the study, students were measured by being tested through the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test in second grade. (Menting, van Lier, Koot (2011)). This was to focus on the language skills aspect of the study. The next part of the study was to measure the externalizing behavior. Having the students have a one-to one 42-question interview with their teachers in which they were scored on was how externalizing behavior was measured (Menting, van Lier, Koot (2011)). The final test was conducted by taking a...