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To examine the policies restricting access to abortion, one must first fully understand what abortion is and how the conflict theory correlates to why these policies were first questioned. The conflicted theory was formed around inequality, social structure and social dynamics, and the people who questioned and create new policies to build a better society. Ever since abortion became legalized, abortion bans have been created by Congress, the House of Representatives and others, challenging and restricting the access to abortions. Policies are controlled by the strength of the people interested in the issue, and advocacy groups that are formed around these uprisings. The more people in the National Abortion Rights Action League the access to abortion will be less restricted. While the more Catholics in a population would have more restrictive policies against abortion. (Medoff, 2002) Wealth plays an important conflict in the issue of abortion. The population with the highest rates of abortion correlates to the income the family or individual possess’. The populations in the most need though are those who are most restricted to access the right to have an abortion. When this population and all those who deserve the right to choose suffer from inequality due to social structure and social dynamics questions begin. The conflict perspective is how advocacy groups thrive, because when an issue arises through actions taken they are able to change social norms and in end the social structure, creating more equality between social classes.

Karl Marx developed the conflict perspective, which was formed around the idea of individuals or a group disputing social issues and inevitably the whole social structure. Marx believed that this group that created conflict was deconstructing the idea of privilege and recreating social norms. If new policies are created that support the less wealthy, these groups then have the same opportunity and rights that the rich have, the rich...