Talent Management - Avon Products

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Assignment 2:

Avon Products

Dr. Marie Line-Germain

Talent Management

November 4, 2012


For approximately 122 years, Avon Products has been the driving force for the empowerment of women all around the world and a door to door book salesman who would give out rose oil perfume samples discovered that customers were more interested in the samples rather than the books he was selling. A California Perfume Company found by David H. McConnell in 1886 was then renamed Avon products in 1939, from then the organization became a leader in direct sales of cosmetics, fragrances and skin care products. By 2005, Avon was an $8 billion company, operating in more than forty countries and 70 percent of their earnings were received from outside the United States. With approximately 6.5 million representatives in over 10 countries, Avon continues to build their strength of their company by their values and principles and represented the heart and mission to be a company that best understands and satisfies the product, service and self-fulfillment needs of women and globally. In 1999, Andrea Jung became president and CEO and with her talent, created a clearer vision which was shared by all Avon representatives and executives alike. With Avon’s new business strategy, an update in their product line, updated advertising strategy, Avon’s sales and revenue increased; however, in 2006 revenues and operating profits began to decreased but on the positive side of it all the upcoming challenges that were ahead of Avon became their motivation to continue to be a global success.

Provide a brief description of the status of the company that led to its determination that a change was necessary.

Avon was growing leaps and bounds however because they had grown, the status of their growth was a little more than what was expected and had grown past their projected infrastructure and talent could support. As many growing organizations, the structures, people and...