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Existential Therapy Case Study of Angela

A Conceptualization and Treatment Plan

Erica M. Sterling

Liberty University


Existential Therapy is therapy for existence, whereas psychotherapy is therapy for life, a remedy for the problems of living. It is a dynamic type of psychotherapy that can help us to get in touch with these questions and the ultimate concerns that often underlie many of our conflicts, anxieties, and motives.It is concerned with more deeply comprehending and alleviating as much as possible pervasive postmodern symptoms such as excessive anxiety, apathy, alienation, avoidance, shame despair, depression, guilt, anger, life-enhancing experiences of relationship, love, caring, commitment, courage, individuation, self-actualization, authenticity, acceptance, and transcendence.This case study is about Angela a 25 year old woman that is having problem in her marriage due to her husband cheating. She is having mixed feelings on if she should stay with her husband or divorce because she is still in love with him. She does not trust many people because she was raped as a young girl and now as an adult she has problems with trusting, communication, self esteem and confronting people about her true feelings. Through existential therapy Angela will learn how to overcome her past, live with the present, cope with her anxiety, find personal meaning, increase self awareness and take responsibility for her decisions. She will learn how to be free from her past and confront the issues that have been holding her back from being happy and moving on with her life.

Existential Therapy Case Study of Angela

A Conceptualization and Treatment Plan

Existential Therapy deals with individuals who have lost their sense of self and freedom due to something that has happened to them in the past and they may not acknowledge it in their future not realizing that it what is holding them at a stand still. Many individuals do not...