Ikea Leadership

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Originally, the term paper was about how to minimize employee burnout. While many organizations may not be aware that an employee is suffering from burnout, it was relatively difficult to find appropriate information. Moreover, an organization that actually practices methods to eliminate burnout of their employee or is even aware their employees are burned out was very hard to find. Therefore, I changed the topic to IKEA’s Leadership Style as a Global Business. IKEA founder and managers use various types of leadership styles that contributed to the organizations success. IKEA leadership approaches have a major influence on the organization values, employee values, as well as the culture of the organization as a whole. By developing, a standard called the IWAY Standard, giving requirements for social and environment, as well as working conditions, they know of the impact those have on both the local and global market. IKEA’s sustainability directions is ‘business shall have an overall positive impact on people and the environment. ”

Overview of IKEA

IKEA is the largest Swedish furniture retailer in the world. It is known for well-designed, inexpensive, and functional furniture. IKEA was founded by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943. IKEA is an acronym comprise of the initial of the founder’s name (Ingvar Kamprad), the farm he grew up (Elmtaryd), and his home country (Aggnaryd, in Smaland, South Sweden). Ingvar Kamprad wishes to construct an ownership structure, which incorporated the Swedewood industrial group, distribution and warehousing divisions and companies owning stores throughout around the world.

The IKEA Group is own by the Stichting INGKA Foundation, which INGKA Holding B.V. is the parent company. Both are based in the Netherlands. IKEA operates over 300 stores, in over thirty countries. Forty of these stores are in 15 countries operating by other franchisees, which are owned outside the IKEA group. IKEA Service B.V....