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Object oriented programming has many advantages and is used regularly with software engineers in management of software systems. Based on a hierarchy of classes, the object oriented programming technique of programming consists of highly defined/cooperating objects (ORACLE, 2010). Object oriented programming makes code supportable. An error classification is much easier because objects, containing both functions and data, are perceived as encapsulated. An object oriented programming system should be such that they preserve the applications maintainability. This will also allow for the reprocess of code in newer software designs. Scalability is another plus for object oriented programming, as mentioned before, the interface allows for the opportunity for codes to be reprocessed. Since the information for design replacement is already provided, the interface can be replaced or upscaled without having any effect on the codes. Any older code is easily replaced by expanding technology and quicker algorithms. Some of the other benefits include less code breakage than with older languages and code sharing. Object oriented programming allows for the improvement of functionality without affecting how the codes work. Sharing code is accomplished through inheritance of old code into a new project (Daniel, 2010).

There are two terms that where mentioned in this paper above they are Encapsulation and Inheritance. Encapsulation is a method of hiding an objects details that are non-contributive to its vital features. Vital features being the number of methods that the object can perform. Through its implementation details hidden encapsulated the only visible feature is the object’s interface or the number of all of the messages that the object will be able to answer too. Utilities within the system determine how...