Individual and Organizational Ethics

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"Individual and Organizational Ethics"  Please respond to the following:

* Analyze your current work (or school) environment through the lens of the content in Chapter 2 and determine the most significant ethical issue and its impact on overall productivity and moral. Explain your rationale.

"Understanding Individual Differences"  Please respond to the following:

* Analyze your own personality along the lines of the concepts discussed in Chapter 3 (completing the two “self-competency” exercises at the end of the chapter will help) to determine your strengths and weaknesses as both an employee and as a leader and / or manager. Be sure to discuss how you will apply your strengths and address your weaknesses.

* Individual Differences and Ethics

* Stages of Moral Development

* Obedience and Punishment

* Instrumental

* Interpersonal

* Law and Order

* Social Contract

* Universal

* Moral Intelligence

* Integrity

* Responsibility

* Compassion

* Forgiveness

* Ethical Intensity

* Magnitude of consequences

* Probability of effect

* Social consensus

* Temporal immediacy

* Proximity

* Concentration of effect

* Ethics-Based Principles

* Self-Serving principles

* Balancing Interests Principles

* Concern-for-Others Principles

* Concern for Affected Individuals

* UN Global Compact

* Employment at Will

* Determination of Rights

* Procedural and Interactional Justice

* Diversity and Ethics

* Role of Organizational Culture

* Increasing Diversity as Opportunity

* Generation Diversity and Ethics

* Sexual Harassment.

* Stakeholder Responsibility and Ethics

* Stakeholder Pressures

* Sustainable Development

* Assessing Responsibility to Stakeholders

* Disclosure

* Communication and Engagement

* Proactive Management...