Body Modifications

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Haley GayMs. S. Baker

American Literature

05 February 2010

Body Modifications

People in society with body modifications are often perceived differently than those with little or no body modifications. Someone one with an extreme body modification, such as an elaborate tattoo or piercing, could be considered risky or rebellious. A person with little to none could be considered conservative or a ‘goodie goodie’. However, things have been changing about body modification perception. It seems like everyone is taking body modification by the horns and latching on. “There is definitely a greater interest in tattoos and piercing than ever before…” - Pasqual (Controversy)

Body modifications can be dated back to the biblical times. Noted verses in the Bible talk of piercing the ears. Not only was Europe embracing body modifications, but 5,000 years ago it was also very popular in tribes with origins from South America, Indonesia, and Africa. Some of these tribes are still in existence today, and still perform the art of body modification. So with all this history, why is it still shunned?

There is no set reason behind having a body modification. Scholars and psychologists have studied various groups of people, trying desperately to uncover the truth behind taboo tattoos and peculiar piercing. Besides few commonalities, there is no set reason behind it.

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Body modification have evolved over time. Reasoning behind today’s tongue ring is significantly different from the blood letting Aztecs in Mesoamerica.

“Lip piercing are a sensuous part of the body and power is an aphrodisiac, so it is only

natural that the higher castes of the Aztec and Mayans should adorn their lips with labret of pure golf.” - (Body Piercing - Crystalinks).

Upper lips piercing (Monroes) helped to around men in tribes in Africa, as opposed to helping you look like a sex icon. The Greeks took up the nipples to be a sign of strength. Royal...