Problem-Solution Essay: Teenage Suicide

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Everyone experiences problems, challenges and trials throughout their lifetime. Some strive to survive it. Some disregard them. Some run away from it. Some, to escape all the difficulties, just fade away from the world; just rest forever in peace. According to the fifth commandment, “Thou shall not kill”. Ordinarily, it just means not to take away other people’s lives. However, with the new trend of Suicide in today’s society, it now involves taking one’s own life. Suicide is drastically spreading throughout the minds of teenagers nowadays. As a matter of fact, according to blog, suicide is the third leading cause of death among adolescents from 15-24 years old. It is quite alarming because with such young ages suicide already crosses their minds. Suicide among teenagers is triggered by many causes - depression, family problems, rejections, death, failure and bullying. These causes are most common to teenagers because they are in the height of hormonal changes. According to Everything about Suicide, these hormonal changes makes teenagers’ emotions to be strong, thus, making them more exposed to suicidal thoughts. That is one problem that is drastically arising among today’s generation.

Suicide can be solved in many ways. Two of those are to simply watch and listen. To watch means to be aware of the things happening. People have to be vigilant because apparently, suicide has signs. Therefore, it can be prevented. People just have to be attentive and sensitive. After knowing who among the people around have those signs and symptoms, one should lend listening ears. A very simple gesture of listening could be a great help to those who are experiencing the causes of suicide. First is because they will be able to voice out their thoughts and problems. Everyone knows that telling another soul the problems they are facing would calm them and make their feelings lighter. Second is because one might be able to help them to get out from their problems. Listening even...