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Mind Over Matter and Choices

The human brain is the most powerful tool in the universe. Humans have programmed and designed special equipments that made our lives easy and comfortable. Scientists and Astronauts are currently employing better technologies to find possible life sources outside the earth’s domain. Pharmacologists have developed life-saving drugs that cure diseases that seemed impossible to eradicate a few decades ago. But despite these vital innovations, we still continue to suffer a great deal of pain everyday. Have we explored the recesses and edges of our brain? Or are we blinded by our current beliefs?

For years, dating back to our Biology and Human Sciences class, the sole determiner of our health and fate is our genes, imbued in each nuclear membrane of the trillions of cells inside our body. Our physical characteristics, our mental abilities and emotional tendencies are “programmed” in our DNA, the code of life. Geneticists have deduced and concluded that our parents combined traits and characteristics produce an offspring with dominant and recessive traits from their ancestors. But our mind, the power and supremacy it wields, should not be forgotten, for our mind is the main controller of our genes, cells, organs and each and every aspect of our lives.

According to the recent research of Dr. Bruce Lipton, an American developmental biologist, our body, the cells and each strand of our DNA can be controlled and manipulated by a person’s belief. This might sound unusual or radical, but have we forgotten that Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and many other successful creators were labelled crazy and failures on their starting points? One must not simply diminish an idea just because it sounds preposterous and unyielding. We must look at the new perspective and find what wisdom it beholds. Dr. Lipton’s current researches are not widely accepted by the scientific community, but he still pursues his work and devotes every single minute...