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PROC 5000 case study for Webster University Masters Program

Eagle Manufacturing Company

Case Study Week 1

PROC5000- Professor Dau

Brian Albanese



• In his first two years, Ted Jones has recruited and developed top notch professionals in his office at Eagle Manufacturing Company (EMC)

• Morale is beginning to be poor in the office

• There is a lack of communication between the different departments at EMC

• Everyone who experiences problems with services or products purchased for EMC go to Ted for inquiry and help


• As your employees gain more experience, their stocks rise and they often become favorable to other companies seeking to place these individuals in positions higher than there current. This potentially could cause a high turn over rate.

• Low morale causes mediocre or unsatisfactory performance. In most cases, employees tend to start taking off from work more or not be as enthusiastic about working and being a team player. This can cause frustration throughout the entire office. Negativity creates tension in the office and ultimately affects the production of everyone’s work.

• Having poor communication with other departments causes problems such as the ones encountered by Ted in his organization. When the Operations manager cannot communicate in a timely manner to the supply manager about new parts that are increasing the production time, there is a problem. Poor communication can lead to poor productivity in various departments, which could cause more frustration with the supply division. By not completely stating the services you want can cause troubles with supply when departments are complaining about the services being completed. Other problems that can occur would be a product being improperly produced causing callbacks or malfunctions.

• This could cause Ted to feel overworked and...