Advances in Forensic Technology

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Advances in Forensic Technology |

Keith Liddell |


Ms. Sheena T. Terrell |

English Composition II |

July 29,2010



In this paper you will read about past cases and studies in which many people lives have been reshaped due to the lack of forensic science and the people that surround the system. Causing misconception and wrongly conviction. Forensic Science plays a big part in today’s society in which we have to take and follow proper steps to make the right choices.

It has been 255 post-conviction DNA cases in the United States of America history. These cases have became more accustomed as countless cleanhanded people gain their freedom through post conviction testing. This is not proof, however, the system is fixing its problems. The daily point at issue that navigate through these cases, from earthly conflicts like hardship and genetis issues to criminal justice problems like witness misidentification, untrue or shady forensic science, overzealous police and prosecutors and unskilled defense counsel — cannot be overlooked and resume to ruin our criminal justice system. With the advances in forensic science technology, many closed cases that date back prior to the 1900s should be re-examined to show true facts that a person is guilty of the crime committed. Seventeen people had been sentenced to death before DNA proved their purity and led to their freedom. The standard sentence served by DNA exonerees has been 13 years. About 70 percent of those released by DNA testing are members of colored groups. In almost 40 percent of the cases profiled here, the definite perfomer was recognized by DNA testing. Exonerations have been achieved in 34 states and Washington, D.C. In more than 15% of cases of unfair...