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Crucible Essay

In The Crucible, Arthur Miller uses two main events, they are Joseph Mccartney’s hunt to find communist and the Salem witch trials. In Mccartneys hunt for communist is all because of fear of communists and the danger they bring. He turned people against each other, he put people on trial and made them name other people, eventually sending the whole country going crazy. On the other case, The Salem witch trials are because of 2 young girls odd behavior making people think they are possessed and under a spell. Then the girls start pointing fingers leaving the town going crazy and blaming tons of women of witchcraft.

The hunt for communist sent everybody crazy and left everybody under suspicion. Even the HUAC was formed, the House of Un-American Activites Committee. This was made to help find communist because of the fear of the government and the individual freedoms. The person in charge for all this commotion was none other then Joseph Mccartney himself.

Mccartney was the senator of Wisconsin and he gained more power every time he accused someone else of being a communist. Mccartney supposively had a list of 205 peoples names of all communist, this list was called the Blacklist. You did not want to be on this list, it ruined your life. Soon after the list, came McCarthyism meaning false charges and disloyalty. All of this non-sense affected tons of people by ruining their lives. They were wrongly accused, blacklisted, leaving them to be able to go get any jobs, lose all friends, and possibly even family members. This even affect Arthur Miller. He was affected by being accused and he admitted going to meetings but not being a communist. He refused to name others so he was cited to be a communist. He was blacklisted and ruined his life like losing his job. The outcome of all this was Mccartney career collapsing because the senate accused him of abusing his colleges.

The Salem witch trials were caused the witch trials was 2...