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Learning Team Compensation and Benefits 02/05/2013

The advancement of technology spread quickly to the television market and television services, making cable television obsolete. This started a fierce competition between companies to offer their customers High definition television services as well as advanced features, such as the ability to record any program at any time. Satellite television was the first of its kind and the first two companies to offer this service was Direct TV and Dish Network. Direct TV created a need for a lot of customer service agents so that they take calls to place new customer orders. Sales support agents would also answer any questions the customers had and make sure the order process went through without any problems. The agents on average get paid 10 dollars an hour plus commissions. This is an attractive offer for anyone looking for work but if Direct TV's competitors offered benefits such as health care and retirement, none would want to work for Direct TV. The compensation for the customer service agents should be increased to at least 12 dollars an hour. The reason for this is that they handle many phone calls per day, have to deal with difficult customers and without them Direct TV would not make any money. Direct TV needs to offer health care and benefits because is it important for make employees to have health care and most people are not willing to do a more difficult job just for a few dollars extra an hour. The benefits of a retirement plan or stock option would keep employees working their longer. This would save Direct TV money and time in the hiring/firing employees. The managers might not want to implement this plan as they foresee expenses going up. The reality of it is if they do not keep their employees happy performance and profits will go down.


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