Change and Culture

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Change and Culture Change II

Christian Malone

Change and Culture Change II

A merger occurs when two companies combine to form one organization. Kohl (2011), “Companies merge for business reasons and goals; primarily to increase market share and revenues and to strengthen their resources. When two companies merge, it is important that the decision-makers respectfully communicate expectations, goals, and boundaries” (Merging business cultures, para. 1). H. C. Watkins Memorial Hospital merged with Rush Health Systems and provides excellent services to the community. A middle manager takes on the role of a manager, but with a different mindset. The middle manager has to be a direct reflection of the company’s mission statement and values and implement company policy and procedure. The middle manager, employees, and customers are important in a merger. The middle manager has the most demanding job. He or she has to make sure everything and everyone is comfortable with the new systems and rules. Employees have fears about the new system and often times are reluctant to change. The middle manager has to find ways to motivate employees to see how the merger will benefit both the employees and the company will benefit. The merger can take place to improve customer programs, reimbursement issues, financial issues, or make the company a top competitor in its field. Once everyone buys into the change, the company will be able to serve better its patients and community. Other options need to be examined in hopes that a new delivery system of health care can be provided for the growing community. The universal worker is a person who is cross trained in many job departments and can provide coverage to another area in the hospital to alleviate staffing shortages. “Universal workers in an assisted care facility are certified nursing assistants who provide personal care and services, and also facilitate other needs of the client”(Jenkins, 2008, p. 4). Management made the...