Appendix C Case Study Sequence

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Appendix C

Case Study Sequence

Action Corresponding Event in Case Study

Law Enforcement On the evening of June 17, Rachel Jones, age 16 and another unidentified youth stole a truck from the parking lot of an apartment complex near their home. Rachel and the other youth drove the stolen vehicle to a house party on the opposite side of town. A police officer pulled the two youth over when they failed to stop at a stop sign. The officer determined that Rachel and the other youth were not the owners of the vehicle. The girls were ordered to step out of the truck, at which point the second youth fled on foot; and Rachel was taken into custody. (University of Phoenix, (n.d.)).

Corrections Rachel Jones spent the night at the Eastern County Correctional Facility (ECCF).Several unsuccessful attempts were made to contact Rachel’s parents. On the morning of June 18, Rachel attended a dispositional hearing and was scheduled to appear again in court on June 23. (University of Phoenix, (n.d.)).

Diversion Rachel was then taken to a second holding facility at ECCF, where she stayed for the 5 days prior to her court hearing on June 23. This is the second time in 4 months Rachel has been taken into custody for auto theft. Rachel hopes that the judge will be lenient because she has obtained employment, and has avoided getting into too much trouble recently. (University of Phoenix,(n.d.)).

Detention On June 23 after her court appointment, Rachel was taken to the Black Mountain detention facility. Rachel was previously held at this facility after a conviction for selling marijuana on school grounds. Rachel will have a hearing after 30 days, when a judge will decide if she will remain at Black Mountain for her full sentence of 60 days, or if she will be sent to a different facility for the remainder of her sentence. (University of Phoenix, (n.d.)).

Aftercare Rachel Jones is a 16-year-old high school dropout, who has been referred by the Eastern County Juvenile Court system...