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I believe my candidature at University of Southern Californaia has something unique to offer and brings different skills sets and perspectives to the table, providing various reasons I would like to bring to the notice of admission committee in support of my candidature for the MS Program with major in Computer Science at your esteemed university.

If I were to define myself in one word, it would be “Inquisitive”. As a high school student, computer for me was only a means of entrainment as I found it exciting to play games and generating various mathematical series and patterns thorough BASIC programming. Later, I was thrilled to know that games were nothing but programs. Curious to know how to program, I developed a serious interest in Computers. Since programming was not taught as part of the curriculum, I took an initiative and started learning from various sources while at the same time developed applications independently. Over time, I gained expertise and scored 90/100 in my programming examination in matriculation. I would also further like to have training in software systems and languages.

It was my strong desire for studying Computer Science at the best undergraduate institution in India, which helped me in securing admission in Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, thus putting me at the top 0.5% of the undergraduate students in India. My Bachelor program has laid strong foundation and given me a comprehensive knowledge of the basic areas in Computer Science & Engineering such as Computer Organization, Operating Systems, Programming Languages, Computer Networks, and Language Processors. Moreover, it provided proficiency in languages such as JAVA, C, C++, HTML, and packages like MS Office, databases like ORACLE, and operating systems like MS-DOS, UNIX, Linux, and Window.

My individual project on “Design and Implementation of Algorithms for Nonlinear Equation Solver in Real Time application using C++ and...