Coca Cola’s Brand of Marketing

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Coca Cola’s Brand of Marketing

Rodney Lake

BUS330: Principles of Marketing

Tina Engle

December 17th, 2012

The Coca Cola Companies current portfolio considers a range of alternatives for the development of their products lines and markets. The company's promotion mix consists of the specific blend of advertising, public relations, personal selling, sales promotion, and direct-marketing tools that the company uses to persuasively communicate customer value and build customer relationships. Coca-Cola uses a marketing communication mix to communicate customer value and build customer relationships (Crary, D. 2008). Coca-Cola's marketing communications mix consists of a number of commercials on television and ads in magazines etc. By advertising on television and in magazines, Coca-Cola can geographically and demographically select consumers that it wants to target. By using the television for advertising, the corporation itself can gain good marketing coverage by appealing to consumer's senses. Advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor. Coca-Cola has used advertising and strategic marketing plans to build an image that has continued stabilization for over 100 years now. Based on the Interbrand's best global brand of 2011, Coca-Cola was the world's most valuable brand (Stanley, T.L. 2007)

Based on demographics, Coca-Cola's Original Coke is targeted to individuals between the ages of 14-30. These individuals tend to be young, unmarried, and often are students (Gottlieb, R. 2008). Coca-Cola's website offers bright and playful colors, and also their online store offers many items geared toward young adults. Many commercials also focus on young adults, however I think it can be argue that certain commercials aired can be focused to a certain psychographic segment, as well. While it seems that these commercials could be targeted to a younger audience, I believe that...