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Anthony Judice 2/27/2013

History Essay

It is important for the government to help regulate the rights and responsibilities of family members in today's society. Today's society is much different from the world we used to live in. Not everything is as straight forward as it once was. Now we have people that will live together and have children, but will never marry. That would never happen before. It was almost unheard of.

Family has many definitions today. It could just be two people who have a child together, or even just renting a home together and have been together for over seven years. The government made laws to make people have responsibility for their loved ones even if they are not married. Often a woman would have to stay home and take care of the house and children while the man worked to bring financial support to the household. This makes the woman clearly dependent on that income to survive. If the man were to leave her and the courts didnt step in, a whole family could go homeless and lives would be ruined.

Some couples, whether opposite-sex or same-sex, live together without benefit of any State-sanctioned Marriage. The relationship they hold consists of nothing more than the love they have for eachother. Marriage will either be the best thing that has ever happened to you, or the worst mistake you could make. Too often people are getting married for benefits, and not for love. Girlfriends are never covered on an insurance plan, neither are their children from previous relationships. This becomes a problem because often people are having children out of wedlock, but men other than their fathers are stepping up and taking care of them. No matter how close they get, the man can walk away at any time leaving the mom and child on the street. If married, everything would be taken into account, and split evenly in the case of a breakup(divorce). If one person is a stay at home parent, they one working will often even have to...