Mgt 230 Reflection Summary

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Week two provided the team with insight on the different types of databases available to individuals and companies. Databases store information and organize this information to make it easier for an individual to understand. Databases are designed by many different companies and the user can choose which program is best for them based on their individual needs. Cost, customer service, reliability and adaptability are all factors that need to be considered when choosing the right database system. The two most popular database vendors in the marketplace are Oracle and Microsoft SQL.

Electronic commerce and social networking were also a focus in week two discussions. Electronic commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services through the internet. The different types of electronic commerce include:

• Business to Business (B2B)

• Business to Consumer (B2C)

• Consumer to Consumer (C2C)

B2B is the most common type of electronic commerce. Businesses use this form of commerce to send and receive goods to vendors and other suppliers. B2C is becoming a more and more popular form of electronic commerce. Many companies now offer their good and services online for consumers to purchase as an alternative to shopping at a physical store. Amazon is a main example of a B2C business. C2C is also a common form of e-commerce. Internet sites like EBay and Craigslist allow individuals to buy and sell items to each other electronically.

Social networking is becoming more and more relevant in the workplace. Facebook and Twitter are being used by businesses to reach more consumers and advertise their goods and services. We discussed how businesses offer promotions and discounts to individuals who use and share their services on social networking sites. We learned that these new forms of commerce and promotion affect our everyday lives.

This week’s individual assignment allowed us to explore the different information systems available to a new business...