Case Analysis: Apple Inc.

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Case Analysis: Apple Inc.


This case study takes a close look at both what has made Apple Inc. successful and problems they have experienced over their history. This research is primarily based on the case included in the book Crafting and Executing Strategy and includes other information from various resources in order to develop a full understanding of the workings of the company Apple Inc. Apple Inc. had been plagued with a variety of problems throughout their history; lack of knowledge, product efficiency, and weak leadership. Apple Inc. tended to struggle in times where their CEO displayed weak leadership; however, Steve Jobs was able to bring Apple Inc. to great success through a strong vision and ample innovation. This analysis shows that strong leadership, generous innovation, and a good vision propagated through a company can be a successful business strategy. This analysis also uncovers a "cancer effect" plague of problems that Apple Inc. faced and persevered to become the success that they are today.

Case Analysis: Apple Inc.

The twentieth century, with its innovations and progress in technology, was unlike any century before. In the 1970’s, among other achievements, we see the rise of the Digital Age which completely changed the way we work, socialize, and basically live our lives. Apple Inc. was among the pioneers that started this new era. Only in the last 10-12 years Apple has achieved and created new devices that has revolutionized the music, video, computer, TV, and cell phone markets.

General/Competitive Environment Analysis

Organizations in every industry are and will be impacted by external environmental factors, such as the rise of the Digital Age. Therefore, it is essential for organizations, such as Apple Inc., to conduct an analysis on its general and competitive environment or any other organization to understand their influences. Despite their success, Apple's management is facing an ever-changing...