Compare Innovation, Design and Creativity

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The assignment for this paper is to define and compare innovation, design and creativity. At first these three things seem to have the same meaning, but after closer examination these three words are similar but also very different.

There are many ways to define innovation, design and creativity each having definitions ranging from the complex to simple. As with most things simplistic and basic are the best for explaining and understanding a subject.

A simple way to define innovation is to make changes or the adding of something new to an existing product or process for improvement. The process or item has already been created from scratch and has had a reasonably good performance, but by making a change it works better or may perform a service that will fulfill a different need. This is innovating on the existing item or service improving its performance.

Design is planning something unique that could be made. It is the process that creates a product or service in the first place. Design is a process that produces an original service or product, and innovation is the modification or improvement of an existing product.

A very basic way to define design is the creation of a detailed plan for the formations or structure of something or even more simply for making something.

Creativity is the capacity for thinking differently than others, seeing differently, and making connections and perceiving relationships that the majority of the population does not.

The Creativity aspect of a company requires an amount of risk going away from the norm or from what is established and taking a chance on something new and different. Creativity will also mean a requirement of a time commitment and of resources and supply. The risk with Creativity is the possibility of failure

In comparing innovation, design and creativity it can be said that innovation is the profitable implementation of and idea. Design is the structure or plan to make or develop something. Creativity is...