Change and Culture Case Study 2

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Change and Culture Case Study II


Organizational mergers join companies together for a united purpose. This can be a difficult time for the employees and organization. Resistance to change is a common behavior exhibited by employees. An organization can make the process less stressful by providing continued information regarding the details of the change. A new vision and mission is defined and communicated to the employees. The once rival companies have been merged for six months. The organizational merger between Mercy Hospital and Cox Hospital provided a hospital for the north area of the city. The merger created Mercy-Springfield North Hospital. The merging organizations required difficult decisions to be made regarding the workforce and the departmental organizational structure. The hospital administration initiated the project of a redesign of each department and job within the organization. The primary reason for the job redesign resulted from duplicate positions. Each department’s processes were evaluated. Once this analysis was complete the individual positions within the department were reviewed. Departmental budgets were reviewed and aligned with the positions. The budget ultimately dictates the designated allocation of jobs for each department.

The job elimination resulted in a large reduction of staff. The reduction of staff is a savings from the decreased payouts for wages and benefits. A merger is costly; streamlining jobs and processes is an essential strategy for a successful merger. Although Mercy Hospital recently changed the patient care delivery system prior to the merger, it had to make adjustments to incorporate the new patient care delivery system after the merger. This paper reviews the process of job redesign and the process post-merger. The article by Peter Senge provides information on the steps and structures integrated into the new organization. Workers and managers are encouraged to adapt to change....