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CASE STUDY: The SNOW Mountain Hotel

SNOW Mountain Resort: The Pride of SNOW Village

SNOW Village is located in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, 75 miles from Vancouver. While forty years ago SNOW Village was virtually unknown, it is now a worldwide attraction drawing in more than 4 million visitors annually. SNOW Village owes this success to the major development of its ski resort, the SNOW Mountain Resort – which was transformed from a low capacity ski destination with minimal amenities into a top-end ski complex with an unrivalled reputation for luxury mountain vacations. Today, SNOW Mountain Resort is seen as the pride of SNOW Village and is home to approximately 8600 permanent residents, 115 accommodation businesses (including hotels, condos and bed & breakfasts), 93 restaurants, lounges and bars, and 207 retail shops.

For the past seven years, the SNOW Mountain Resort has been voted the ‘best ski resort’ by Mountain Sports & Living magazine. Whilst its skiing facilities and scenery typically receive top scores, it has also been recognised for the high level of service and value that guests receive. The SNOW Mountain Resort is host to a steady number of visitors over both the winter and summer months. However, levels of demand tend to fluctuate in a dramatic way between the peak and off-peak seasons. The latest figures show that the average number of visitors during such seasons can be anything between 5000 and 15000 a day. Coping with these fluctuations effectively is seen as an ongoing challenge for the many businesses operating within the resort. Thus, a key concern for these businesses is to manage fluctuations in demand whilst maintaining a high level of customer service.

SNOW Mountain Hotel: Topping the Best Ski Resort Hotels List in North America

Nestled at the base of SNOW Mountain, the SNOW Mountain Hotel is part of the SNOW Hotel Group which has over 25 landmark hotels across cities in Canada and the US, as well as a number...