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Simplifying the Business (StB)

The Simplifying the Business program's mission is to change the way the air transport industry operates – resulting in better service for passengers and lower costs for the industry. Today, as the industry environment continues to deteriorate, StB continues to deliver industry change. The current StB programme will the save the industry up to US$16.8 billion every year.

How does StB realize industry-wide change?

* A focus on a mutually beneficial approach for everyone involved

* The leadership and support of the IATA Board of Governors - a group of 30 airline CEOs

* The endorsement of the IATA AGM

* The ability to create industry-wide standards

* A global network of 4,000 IATA, airline, and airport staff, industry experts and suppliers

The Change Model

IATA supports the industry through a structured approach illustrated below: 

View the StB Change Model diagram.

The industry is mobilized through both ongoing engagement and structured, targeted campaigns led by IATA’s global team.

StB facilitates industry adoption of its projects through a variety of channels. One example is the Strategic Partnerships Program – a group of companies that offer services compliant with IATA standards.

StB supports the industry by organizing training, providing critical data and regularly communicating project news.

Each StB project also produces relevant guidance - in the form of implementation guides, standards, or recommended practices.

Bar-Coded Boarding Passes (BCBP)

Bar Coded Boarding Passes (BCBP) use IATA industry standard 2D bar codes. Because they can be accessed from anywhere - even a mobile phone - they offer more convenience for the passenger. Because they don't need to be printed on expensive paper stock and facilitate off-airport check-in, they save the industry up to US$1.5 billion every year. By the end of 2010 all IATA members will be 100% BCBP, and magnetic stripe boarding passes will be...