Net 430 Final Exam

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Net430 Final exam

1. (TCO 6) Data stored on a large expensive drive is the definition of________.




d. Records

2. (TCO 6) Mean Time Between Failure measures in _______the average life expectancy of an Hard Disk Drive.

b. Days.

c. Minutes.

c. Hours.

d. Decades.

3. (TCO 6) _______ RAID is implemented at the operating system level and does not use a dedicated hardware controller

a. Software.

b. Hardware.

c. JBOD.

d. Remote.

4. (TCO 6) ___________RAID is implemented with a specialized hardware controller either on the host or on the array.

a. Software.

b. Hardware.

c. JBOD.

d. Remote.

5. (TCO 6) A RAID ___________ is an enclosure that contains a number of Hard Disk Drives and the supporting Hardware and software to implement RAID,

d. Monitor

e. Chip

f. Operating System

g. Array

6. (TCO 6) A subset of disks within a RAID array which can be grouped to form a logical association is called a _____________.

a. physical array

b. logical array

c. HDD array

d. component array

7. (TCO 6) A predefined number of contiguously addressable disk blocks are defined as ______ .

h. mirrors

i. stripes

c. strips

d. platter

8. (TCO 6) The set of aligned strips which span across all the disks within the RAID set is called a ______ .

j. mirrors

b. stripes

c. strip

d. platter

9. (TCO 6) A ________ is a technique whereby data is stored on two different HDDs.

k. platter

l. strip

m. stripes

d. mirror

10. (TCO 6) __________ is a method of protecting striped data from HDD failure without the cost of mirroring

n. Parity

b. stripping



11. (TCO 6) In _____ data is striped across the HDDs in a RAID set. It does not provide data protection and availability in the event of drive failures.

a. RAID 0

b. RAID 1

c. RAID 3

d. RAID 4...