Pest Analysis for Further Expansion for Apple Inc.

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PEST Analysis for further expansion for Apple Inc.

Political Factor

* The government stability of certain countries needs to be considered before opening new store.

* Apple involvement with education may suggest government buyouts for schools and universities.

Economic Factors

* Apple has abundant disposable income, but it still needs to invest wisely either in new production capacity, new stores in new cities, new marketing campaigns or new technological researches.

* Business is still in the Growth stage but with high competitions as well, so Apple needs to maintain their market leader status by continuing to meet consumer expectations with their new products.

* Apple products are priced high because, unlike most of their competitors, they only rely on their computer, phone, iPod and tablet sales, while their competitors have other electronic products to offer so they can skim their price down.

* The iPhone5 demand is not as high as expected due to no new technological breakthrough, despite it able to receive LTE which is a technology that people are still not familiar with.

Social Factor

* Apple products have opened doors for human social needs, not only had Apple offered the best technology but the best design for computer devices as well. Apple products have the quality designs which will enhance the quality of people lifestyle.

* During decades Apple has been in business, Apple has gained a trustworthy status with their quality technology and designs. This high customer loyalty means that other brands cannot easily lure Appleā€™s customers away so easy.

Technological Factor

* Apple is the brand that sparks technology and innovation since the company was founded. All Apple products run on the famous iOS which renowned for its performance, functionality, reliability and security.

* Apple has also spent billions of dollar on acquiring patents to make sure that it stays in the forefront of the industry at all...