Bcom 275 Week 2 Demonstrative Communication Paper

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Demonstrative Communication

T. Fisher


March 10, 2013

Edward D'Avola

Demonstrative Communication

Demonstrative communication can be more significant and more expressive then verbal communication. Demonstrative communication can indicate how someone is feeling such as stressed, being genuine, or even lying. Demonstrative communication is essential to understand and accept. As a part of your education, you were provided lessons in speech and grammar but may not have had occasion to learn about the nonverbal dimensions of your communication, unless you took a course in interpersonal skills (Cheesbro, O’Connor, and Rios, 2010). It is vital to become knowledgeable and understand demonstrative communication to succeed in our personal and professional lives.

This paper will discuss demonstrative communication which is a form of communication that involves nonverbal and unwritten communication. Demonstrative communication or nonverbal communication is all other types of communication that don’t involve the exchange for words which includes facial expressions, body posture, eye contact, gestures, and tone of voice. It will discuss how demonstrative communication can be effective and ineffective, positive and negative, for both the sender and receiver. It will also explain how demonstrative communication involves listening and responding.

The communication process begins with the sender/receiver. At this point the sender comes up with an idea or thought they would like to relate to another person who is the receiver. The next step is to encode the message. As the sender is encoding the message the receiver is decoding. At this point the verbal and nonverbal messages are being decoded. At this point demonstrative communication is encoded and decoded effectively or not by the sender/receiver.

Demonstrative Communication can be Ineffective and Negative

Nonverbal communication can be both positive and negative or effective and ineffective. It can be the...