Military Life vs. Civilian Life

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Robert Adams

Professor Hansen

English 1301

Military vs Civilian

Civilization demands a high price. Each of us must decide where we fit in society. Do we stand on its fringe, making no real effort to contribute, drawing warmth from its fire? Or do we take our place among our fellow man and let ourselves by guided by the evolving morals, rules and philosophies of citizenship? If we choose the latter and we mature enough to say good-bye to childhood, a choice must be made: A life of service to your country or a life lived at the mercy of your countrymen; to join the military and be tested mentally, pushed physically, and held accountable morally by a code of honor powerful enough to link the generations, or join the mass of law-abiding citizens and strive for the universally acknowledged American Dream? Not an easy task since our nation’s economic and social well-being rely on our cooperation with each other. And in these uncertain times, a life in the military offers a security unparalleled in the civilian world.

What sets Americans apart from the rest of the world is our belief in a document that promises us the right to live, the right to be free, and the right to pursue our happiness. And for that purpose, I shall touch upon the following: job security, family life, and what comes after you’ve given it everything you’ve got.

Let us imagine this scenario: a young man, fresh off the graduation carpet and standing on the threshold of his life. Does he go to college or join the military? If he

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chooses to pursue a higher education, he will spend another four years or so in a familiar routine, still reliant upon his parents for financial security and accountability, still has to budget for food and health care, still has to discipline himself to get his assignments done. If he studies hard and graduates, there is no guarantee that he will find a job, but his prospects are definitely better. According to the latest census, “a...