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Line Management Support whilst working towards your project

You will need the support of your line manager, particularly while you are researching your project and analysing the resulting information. S/he will be able to give you valuable feedback, suggestions and encouragement to help you through the demands of balancing a busy workload with the schedule imposed by your certificate deadline.

Basis of Assessment (Work Based Project)

Your report must be between 3000 to 3500 words. Appendices which are not your own original work do not count towards this total. Projects amounting to less than 3000 words will be returned by your tutor for you to re-submit. The overall aim is for you to demonstrate your ability to identify and analyse a personnel management problem and to present a reasoned case for action/resolution. The project will be assessed on the following criteria:

• That the topic chosen is relevant to personnel/HR management

• That the evidence gathered and the arguments put forward provide a sound and worthwhile basis for the project

• That the appropriate and correct analysis of data has been carried out

• That conclusions stem from the evidence/arguments given

• Those recommendations, either for action or for further investigation, are similarly based on the evidence and flow from the conclusions.

• They should also take account of the implications for the organisation, such as cost. (see Generic Assessment Criteria – Appendix 4)


During the process of researching your project you may well be given information which is confidential to management or of a sensitive nature. If such material is included in your report you may rest assured that it will be treated in confidence. The project you submit will only be seen by your tutor, the internal verifier and the CIPD external moderator.

Copies of Project

Please submit two copies of your...