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* Lab 9 Experiment 1 – The Effect of Enzyme Concentration

* Lab 9 Experiment 2 – The Effect of Temperature on Enzyme Activity

* Lab 9 Experiment 3 – Enzymes Found in Foods

Lab 9 Experiment 1: The Effect of Enzyme Concentration

Be sure that you have read through the Lab 9 Introduction about Enzymes before starting. Follow the instructions in your lab manual for Lab 9 Experiment 1 and record your data in the table below. Answer the questions based on your results. Pay attention to the added information under the Week 2 Experiment link regarding these experiments!

Table 1: Effect of enzyme concentration on the production of gas (2 pts)

| |

Tube | | Amount of yeast | | Balloon circumference (cm) |


1 | | 0.05g | | 4 |


2 | | 0.005g | | 9.5 |


3 | | 0.0005g | | 14.5 |


| |

Questions (10 pts)

1. What is the specific enzyme in this experiment? Note that it is NOT simply yeast; it is an enzyme that yeast provides. Catalase

What is the substrate that is broken down? Hydrogen Peroxide

2. Was there a difference in the rate of reaction in the tubes with different concentrations of enzyme (yeast)? Why or why not? Yes, the faster reaction was in test tube 1 with the more concentrated solution of yeast and water. There were different amounts of enzyme present, so the rates of the reactions were different.

3. What is the explanation for the effect you saw of using less enzyme on your experiment? Because there were fewer enzymes present, the rate of reaction was slower; there are fewer reactions occurring within the 30 seconds.

4. Hydrogen peroxide is toxic to cells, yet is a common byproduct of the reactions that occur inside the body. How can this compound be changed to become non-toxic; what is it broken down into? Cite...