Performance and Career Management Plan

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Performance and Career Management Plan

University of Phoenix

Human Capital Management 531

October 29, 2009

Employee Formal Feedback

Why should managers conduct formal feedback with their employees? It is so that a manager can maintain a productive, secure, and dedicated workforce within the company. Performance feedback to employees is one of the vital key to making that elusive objective a reality. Most employees are uncomfortable with insecurity. When employees are insecure about their work performance and job security, they cannot be as pleased and productive as possible. Feedback eases employee insecurity and provides guidance on how well an individual is performing and how he or she can improve. Being motivated to do a “good job” is hard if you don’t know what “good” is or what the expectations are. Employees appreciate feedback on their performance and useful criticism that helps them to achieve success. If managers never offered any feedback to their employees, just think how frustrated employees would be in trying to improve their performance.

As managers, your employee feedback should be specifically linked to familiar fundamentals of performance that can be easily understood by both the employee and manager. Whenever possible, feedback should include objective information. Feedback should also focus on behaviors or attitudes that have a direct impact on an employee’s performance. Issues or opinions unrelated to job performance have no place in job feedback. Feedback should be frequent enough to give direction that helps employees shape their performance. Limiting feedback to formal reviews once or twice a year is not enough to help employees improve. Less experienced employees require feedback more frequently, but even experienced people need to hear it often enough to stay motivated and feel valued. Feedback should not end with the employee wondering what to do next. If negative feedback is necessary, it should always...