Mobile Technology in the Hospitality Industry

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1. Introduction

Smartphone application for hotels is the main idea for this report. This application allows user for a more convenience usage of the hotel, speeding up the check-in process and booking different facility in the hotel. This is the aim of this application. Therefore this report will find out if this application will be feasible in the use of the customers. This report will starts with the general information about different smartphone applications in the hospitality industry and estimate the usage of these kinds of application in the hotel. Then by clearly stating the methodology of the research, the researchers will straightly follow the methodology that been mention. After collecting certain amount of result, the researchers will identify and analysis the results, and finally evaluate the feasibility of this application. At the same time researchers will have an interview with a professional, who are expert in creating application software for smartphones. Researchers want to see if the project is feasible in term of technology point of view. This report will then follow by discussing the negative and positive aspect of this project and find out if there are alternative solutions with the negative impact. At the end finish the report with a conclusion to sum up the information throughout the report.

2. Literature Review

2.1 Communication in the Hospitality Industry

In a hotel, the communicative interchange takes place right from the point when the client intermingles with the hotel operation system at each stage of booking, arrival, check-in, stay, and check-out. These stages together are called as “Guest Cycle”. Traditionally, hotel communication with guests has remained manual or in written form in terms of physically attending guest and writing down their request. When a guest walks-in to the hotel with a reservation, the concierge service attends guests and guides them to their respective rooms. Once settled into room, during ancient...