Creating a Plan for Positive Influence

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Creating a Plan for Positive Influence

Team is defined as a group of people with a set of complementary skills required

to complete a task, job, or project. Team members operate with a high degree of

interdependence, share authority and responsibility for self-management, are accountable

for the collective performance, and work toward a common goal and share rewards. A

team becomes more than just a collection of people when a strong sense of mutual

commitment creates synergy, thus generating performance greater than the sum of the

performance of its individual members (team, 2012).

Motivation, Satisfaction and Performance

In order for a team to become motivated, they need to select a team captain, which will spend quality time with the team, and team members. This will enable the captain to get to know each member of the team and allow them to get to know the captain. This will help to build communication, trust, and a desire to work together for the greater good of the team.

Spending quality time will encourage opinions and ideas to flow from them and allows you to explain the company’s mission. It gives them a feeling of being in on things which is a huge motivator (Fairweather, 2012).

It is also the responsibility of the captain to let their team know when they are doing well on the project or when there are things that need work on. It is important for the team to know that they captain cares about the team and is willing to help with both personal and business problems.

One of the most promising but least understood concepts in team motivation is the word empowerment. According to the definition of empowerment is to invest with power, especially legal power or official authority, to equip or supply with ability; enable.

Empowerment is about utilizing the knowledge, skill, experience, and motivation power that’s already within the people of the team. The majority of people of teams and organizations throughout the world are...