Criminal Justice System

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In order to keep up social order the criminal justice system was put in place as our fundamental foundation. From that we have established laws that must be followed and consequences, penalties or punishments that will ensue if they are not upheld. Once the world saw an incline in the crime rate and the old testaments or societal punishments were no longer strong enough to deter crime a criminal justice system was established and has since been the very thing we rely on to keep order. Some people will always by nature want to commit crimes but try and keep that number down and the world from serious frenzy we have law and law enforcement in place.

There are three main components of the criminal justice system. First there is the law enforcement. This includes marshalls, the police force and the sheriff departments. Although laws often vary from state to state, the law enforcement job is enforce the laws that are in place and to strive to protect and serve the communities in an overall effort to deter and alleviate crime rates. Next you have the court systems, which include lawyers, prosecutors and judges. There are many different courts in place the highest being the Supreme Court. They are place to give every their right to fair and accurate trial in front of a jury of the peers. This where anyone accused of a crime by the state, government or another person has a chance to prove his or her innocence. Last we have the corrections component. This consists of officers relating to parole, prison and probation. I prison officer is there to monitor anyone who is found guilty and sentenced to serve out their term in a prison. A parole or probation officer is there in the event that a prisoner is released and has to check in from time to time to prove that he is making an honest effort to acclimate back into society, maintain a job and a drug free lifestyle and environment. Each of these components serves a value purpose in overall effort to maintain order and...