Corporate Social Responsibility

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Groups 1 ,2 and 3 met on last Feb. 23 ,2010 in our RCBC campus. To my surprise even with all the subsequent reminders we posted on our yahoogroup about the significance of our meeting only 4 of us were there on time and 2 others came in late. There are supposed to be 12 of us .Two of our groupmates had good reasons for not being able to attend .One was sick and the other one is in Taiwan.

After all of our discussions about Corporate Social Responsibility being an integral part of life ,it disappointed me to see that not everyone really understood its importance. I know that every individual has his /her own priorities but in my opinion we must give the courses we are undertaking in MBA due respect because its going to be part of our success and we have to respect our classmates who really want to learn.All in all we had to decide for ourselves even without the other half of the group. We then uploaded the proposal for editing in our own yahoogroup expecting some response from our fellow group members but only a handful replied.What to do , what to do? That seems to be the prevailing question.

On a positive note, it was quite enlightening to see that even with very few members of the service learning group were able to be very productive ,innovative and cooperative even if we only had a limited number of brains to pick. The flow of ideas were very fast and there was no shortage on passion.Each and every member present showed genuine interest about the people we wanted to serve. And we were able to draft our proposal for submission. It was a meeting full of laughter and lightheartedness. I hope to work well with these people towards successfully implementing our Service learning activity.

The visit I made to the Sisters of the little mission for deaf Joseph and I had a difficult time coordinating with them because the letter we sent to them via fax was mistakenly sent to the convent’s fax machine. It took us 3 phone calls ,20 mins of negotiating with...