Quantitative Research Limitations

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'Although in quantitative research, validity is related to accuracy, relevance, and reliability of measurement, in qualitative research, we seek not to measure but rather to understand, represent, or explain something, usually some fairly complex social phenomenon.' (Puett, 2003)

The role of social media in strategic marketing is a fascinating subject that is very contemporary. With the information we did gather, we created a conceptual framework. The quantitative method of gathering data wasn't preferred, whereas the qualitative information that was gathered didn't address the issues properly that the question was faced with. As a result of this, the Author used well respected periodical journals and the internet as main sources of research and information gathering.

When gathering the data, some good examples were found that provided a casual link, and those that were limited to an ecommerce, and they were very dynamic. The limitations of using quantitative research requires large samples to be made and these tend to be more expensive. Quantitative research is not the most flexible method of market research, and it can be especially vulnerable to statistical error, in the words of Creswell (2009).

The question of the role of social media in strategic marketing would be very hard to create questionnaires and samples that would be relevant and would be available for the average person asked to a to answer. Not everyone would be aware of the definition of strategic marketing and it's role within a business, making it difficult for anyone the Author would ask such as random pedestrians on the high street if the Author were to hand out questionnaires and expect the answers to be answered appropriately.

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