Erp in Bangladesh. a Study on Advanced Information Management Solution

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Chapter 1: Introduction

1. Origin of the report

Business is all about taking risks. But intelligent managers know how to manage risks, thus preventing accidental losses as well as other operational, financial, and strategic risks - including fraud. To manage business risks by using technology, we must first understand and prioritize the risks a specific business faces, and then understand how Information Technology (IT) can help that business. Then we can come to understand how those risks intersect with the IT systems a business might already have in place. Indeed, intelligent use of an ERP system can not only help ensure compliance with legal requirements and accounting rules, but it can also help prevent fraud. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application and its user permissions settings can prevent theft.

Becoming Lean has been a goal of most companies over the last few years. Lean delivers what companies really need in today’s highly competitive world — shorter lead times, improved quality, reduced cost, increased profit, improved productivity and better customer service. To become Lean, a company must take a hard look at processes and practices to identify those things that truly add value for the customer and eliminate those that do not. The continuous pursuit of waste elimination is the essence of Lean, and ERP (enterprise resource planning) can help in a Lean initiative.

Below are a benefits and results of implementing ERP to make it complement the business

1. Reduce total cost of ownership

2. Increase revenues

3. Increase productivity

4. Improve business process efficiency

5. Ability to choose from multiple ERP delivery options

6. Scale for growth and economic recovery

7. Leverage available resources

8. Prepare for mergers and acquisitions

9. Force management to focus on benefits realization

10. Increase rationalization of ERP investments

Enterprise Resource Planning...