Adr Clause for Learning Team

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ADR Clause for Learning Team

The first step in creating an effective team is developing a team charter (University of Phoenix, 2004). A team charter creates the framework for the team to follow while carrying out the team goals (University of Phoenix, 2004). Conflict is inevitable in any group. Resolution of the conflict assists in determining the effectiveness of the team. An alternative dispute resolution (ADR) offers an alternative means of resolving differences between team members. The following discussion proposes an ADR clause for a learning team.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Mediation is a negotiation using a neutral third party to facilitate the disputing parties to a successful resolution (Jennings, 2006). When team members are willing to participate and abide by the final decision, mediation serves as an excellent method for resolution. When the team members make the decision to use mediation, an impartial mediator not part of the conflict must be chosen.

The following is a proposed mediation ADR clause:

The team members will work to resolve any disagreements that occur in the Learning Team by negotiating between team members. The team member(s) will provide the other team member(s) written notice of any disagreements not resolved during the learning team discussions. Within one (1) day of receiving the written notice, the receiving member will provide to the other member(s) a written reply. The response to the notice shall include: report of that member’s opinion and summary of the points supporting the opinion. The mediator shall be a neutral person selected by the non-disputing members of the team. The disputants and mediator shall meet at an agreeable time and place. If for whatever reason, the dispute has not been resolved using a team member as a mediator, a neutral mediator from outside the team will be chosen.


Conflict is inescapable in a team. An effective mediation ADR early in the dispute can limit the escalation...