Disneyland to Paris

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Euro-Disneyland – Theme Park to Paris!

Disney’s entry strategy into Europe –

I. Evaluation of Objectives and Current Strategy The Walt Disney Corporation total net income for 1987 is $445 million. The company has been able to make the right decisions the past several years as its net income has almost doubled the last three years. Walt Disney's philosophy of providing family entertainment which focused on children, youths and adults has put Disney ahead of the competition. Since Walt Disney put the copyright protection on Mickey Mouse and other characters it's hard for competitors to even get close. Add this with the purchase of prime real estate in California and Florida has made it easy for customers to get access to its product. The corporation believes that putting budgets on movies will reinforce responsibility across all lines of business. In addition, Eisner has created a corporate R&D group to encourage new ideas as well put movie budgets to certain target ranges. This target range will be closely managed to ensure they come in on time and below the targeted budget. Additionally, Disney has plans to refocus its efforts on identifying good scripts and pursing budding talents within the industry. They also plan to create limited partnerships to help with the financial cost of producing a movie. With plans to release 15 to 18 films per year and with the new targeted budget in place analyst are expecting returns to be between 10-15 percent. The company also plans to look over seas for theme park expansion. They have made an agreement with the French government to open a theme park 20 miles outside of Paris. This facility will be called Euro Disneyland and will be comprised of an updated state of the art Magic Kingdom. These types of decisions will help the company with long-term sustainability.

II. Analysis of Environmental Opportunities and Threats If Disney wants to expand into the European Market it needs to make sure that it keeps the same...