Creating a Plan for Positive Influence

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This paper seeks to outline a plan to identify and address differences in emotions, values, personalities, and attitudes within a project team and formulate a plan to help the disparate members of the team better work together. To accomplish this we assessed the differences in the team members and, based on the prevailing research in Organizational Behavior, developed tactics and approaches that would suit the various members. By identifying different personalities, we were able to assign tasks that each member was uniquely suited to perform. By identifying obstacles based on values and attitudes, we were able to find ways to mitigate the affect of those obstacles. Finally, by identifying hygiene factors and motivators, we were able to determine methods for increasing team member satisfaction and decrease dissatisfaction. The result was a well thought-out plan that aims to maximize productivity, performance, and motivations from the team. The most important effect of the exercise was to understand that managers and leader must learn the importance of understanding how these different factors affect the team and the team member.

Creating a Plan for Positive Influence

Having been tasked to oversee the upcoming modification project, I have decided that to better prepared my team for the year-long assignment, it would be in our best interest to develop a plan of action that addresses the diverse make-up of our team and find a way to help us more efficiently work as a team.

Team Member

When developing a plan that seeks to address the specific difference in attitudes, emotions, personalities, and values among the members of the group, those differences must first be identified and quantified. Our team is made up of four members, Maurice, Daniel, David, and Charles. They have worked together for less than a year but have been fairly successful at accomplishing team goal. Their differences, however, have been distractions at times. Perhaps a better...