Coca Cola

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Coca Cola

In my opinion, the Coca Cola’s sustainability initiatives can be deemed to be in line with the current market conditions worldwide. Its sustainability initiatives are in such a manner that they ensure the company remains relevant in the market. The core role of any business having sustainability initiatives is to ensure that the growth of the company remains relevant in relation to market needs (Phillips & Phillips 2011). From my analysis, I believe that the company’s sustainability initiatives have ensured the company remains intact in terms of growth and development. In the following paragraphs, I shall analyze the various sustainability initiatives undertaken by Coca Cola, as well as what I think should be done differently.

One of the initiatives taken by Coca Cola includes building of schools. The society we are living in expects companies to give back to the society. Schools are one of the sustainability initiatives undertaken by the company. I think the reason behind this move is ensuring the community has access to education (Hays, 2004). A community, which educated is in a position to make enlightened decisions, which would help the company to forge forward. Schools produce individuals, who will be the leaders tomorrow, and in this instance, the company assumes that these individuals would prefer to work at Coca Cola Company. I believe that Coca Cola has the ability to build more schools and can even offer more aid in terms of books and other crucial learning materials. The assumption at this point is that the level of education needs to be upgraded in all countries because the company operates globally (Coca cola, 2013).

The other sustainability initiative undertaken by Coca Cola is the construction of hospitals worldwide. Studies show that, for a country’s economy to grow, the health of the citizens is crucial. A nation that has healthy citizens, its companies are more productive because individuals are able to their level best....