Buffalo Wild Wings

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Moelinda Biggs

Ways to Improve Buffalo Wild Wings Cost

After working for Buffalo Wilds Wings for five years, I have come up with several ways that can improve cost within a growing company.

Ways to Improve Unnecessary Cost

* Use 1 ounce ladles for Queso Cheese

* I have notice some team members use the 2 ounce ladle without tapping it 3 times to level it off. Also, I have notice team members put extra Queso on Nachos because they did not spread it evenly on the first time. By using a 1 ounce ladle for Queso instead of the 2 ounce ladle, it can help with correct portioning sizes and help eliminate waste at night. Team members are more likely to use the correct amount instead of over portioning sizes.

* Portion out three cheese blend/ lettuce

* When it becomes very busy with orders in the kitchen, I have noticed team members incorrectly measure out cheese for wraps and/or potatoes, and also lettuce. Portioning out our cheese and lettuce can help eliminate waste and help team members properly measure out the correct ingredients. This process can also help cut down on ticket times because there would already be ingredients portioned out to help assist team members with orders in a timely manner. This method would guarantee product savings.

* Use Properly Working Pumps

* I have learned in that in the past years, when we have properly working pumps it helps saves the amount of sauce wasted throughout the day. Putting up pump charts throughout the kitchen can help guide team members with correct portioning sizes for our sauces using the pumps. For example, the use of ½ of a pump can be used for 6 traditional wings. If we had a chart that was posted and implemented to team members that stated the correct number of pumps per wing, this will help cut down on the cost/waste of sauce we use.

To sum up, these three concepts of saving and eliminating unnecessary cost are just to name a few way of saving within the Kitchen, HOH....