Chapter 6 Questions

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Lia Mileski

April 10, 2013

MGT 422- Global Management

Chapter 6 Questions


• Senior executives arrive at 10p.m. and not before.

• Executives do not talk to employees that are not “direct employees”.


• After a 30 day trial period a worker is virtually permanent.

• Employees like there managers to show interest in them as people.


• Shaming in public is never done..

• Never lose your temper they view peace, harmony and emotional restraint very high.


• Business units are run like a family.

• Reward employees with affection and social recognition.


• Social visits are very important with employees to talk about health and moral not office problems.

• It is important for the managers to make the employees involved in a cooperative atmosphere.

United Kingdom (British)

• Offices of executives are small and decorated conservatively.

• Decisions are typically left to high management to make.


• Only 6% of managers come from blue collar families.

• They believe in a tight rein over employees to ensure adequate performance.


• Managers should not act arrogant or superior.

• Employees expect to boss to make the decisions.

Latin America

• Leaders are respected for their total person and are of high culture (family, business, intellect, arts).

• The way a manager dresses is very important for respect.


• They view there workers as family proving many things including, housing, school, recreation, daycare and sometimes hot meals to take home.

• If you give a monetary bonus it may be considered humiliating.

Arab/Turks (several countries)

• They like to consult others before making decisions and they like to do that one on one. They do not like comities.

• Bosses help with personal problems such as debt and family sickness.


• Managers will help employees by giving them loans to be paid back on payday.