Frankenstein Research Paper

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Stephanie Bell

English I Honors Period 4

Mrs. Micale

January, 19th, 2012

A teenage boy is lying in a hospital bed as he slowly wavers between the fine line of distinction that separates life from death. Two days proir, he was involved in an accident that caused him severe brain damage. But, the doctors at the hospital have a procedure that could possibly restore him to pristine condition. The procedure requires stem cells that can replace his damaged brain cells. Would anyone want a loved one to die knowing that nobody truly tried everything they could to save his life? The more time spent debating and fearing stem cell research, the less time that boy, who has yet to live up to his full potential, has to exist. It is for this very reason that society must stop fearing knowledge gained from research, especially stem cell research. The knowledge acquired from stem cell research is beneficial to society as a whole.

For the most part, people say that, “Responsible stem cell research has the potential to develop new treatments, and ultimately save lives” (Johnson 1). Imagine the amazing things people can achieve by allowing stem cell research to progress. If stem cells have the potential to save lives, then there is no need to hesitate to grasp the opportunity and save another human being. It is the job of man to care for its fellow brethren, and to be sure that they are receiving the best quality care and treatments they could be receiving. Furthermore, many people believe that, “stem cell research offers a real promise in enhancing the understanding of human diseases,” so it’s not just a snake oil science that will produce no cures whatsoever (Johnson 2).

Above all, there is roof that stem cell therapies are truly life changing opportunities, and the proof lies in the experiments conducted by Robert Lanza and Doctor Joseph Purita. After being asked by a man to help cure his son’s degenerative eye disease that causes blindness, Lanza went to...