Tui Opm300 Module 1 Case

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Trident University International

Christopher W. Bankhead

OPM 300

Module 1 Case Assignment

The Hard Rock Café has obviously taken the time necessary to make the changes they

felt were need to make and keep the restaurant successful. This leads me to believe that

within the organization has done a good job of addressing the importance of the ten critical

decisions of operations management.

Hard Rock Cafe has provided the public over the years with a pleasant eating experience.

They’ve accomplished this by supplying their customers with a menu that has been perfectly

prepared by their cooks. Additionally they have modified that same menu to make it attractive to

the people whom have different dining pleasures, while the initial consisted of burgers and

chicken wings the modern menu consists of stuffed veal and lobster tails. These things address

the service and product design critical decision.

Quality management is a necessity in order for any business to be successful; the Hard

Rock Café is no different. Unlike the management of the businesses that have failed, the

managers ofthe Hard Rock Café have done an excellent job of keeping the organization

competitive within its market. Upgrading the menus, redesigning the restaurants and adding live

entertainment are all decisions that are made by quality managers in an attempt to sustain and

surpass current standards. The location of the establishments have also been well thought out,

pairing them up with a powerhouse tourist attraction such as Orlando’s Universal Studios will

undoubtedly assist them in maintaining fluent customer participation. Furthermore choosing to

design the various restaurants to become a collector of rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia makes the

restaurant as much as a tourist attraction as the Universal Studios, which will also help maintain

revenue levels.

The human resource managers have taken the necessary measures to ensure that...